Reflection reference

The Hagner Reflection Reference is provided with a matt white surface for which the reflection factor has been carefully determined. The reference can the be used for the determination of reflection factors of other (matt) surfaces.

SA1 adaptor

The Hagner SA1 Light Intensity Adaptor is intended for use with the Hagner S1, S2, S3 and S4 Universal Photometers or with the Hagner E2X and E4-X Digital Luxmeters. By connecting the SA1 adaptor to one of these instruments it is possible to determine, for instance, light intensity and angular light distribution from lamps, luminaries etc. This can be done under normal ambient lighting conditions.

SA-2 adaptor

The Hagner SA-2 Image Screen Adaptor is designed to measure background luminance on image screens, negative viewing tables etc. It should be used with a Hagner S1, S2, S3 and S4 Universal Photometer or Hagner E2X and E4-X Digital Luxmeter.

Close-up lenses for model S3 and S4

The Hagner S3 and S4 Universal Photometer can be provided with close-up lenses for measuring the luminance of small surfaces at short distance without troublesome light loss. The lenses are available in sets of 3 and can be used separately or in combination with each other.

Extension cables

The Hagner External Detectors are normally provided with a two metre flexible lead. When required, extension cables can be used to increase the distance between the detector and the instrument. The Hagner standard extension cables have a length of 5 metres but other lengths can be provided.

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