Illuminance meters

Model EC1

The Hagner Digital Luxmeter is a small, handy and extremely easy-to-use instrument for accurate measurement of illuminance over a range of 0.1-200,000 lux. With both automatic zeroing and on/off switch, the only controls needed are a four-position range selection switch and a hold button for retaining the display value.

Model EC1-X

The Hagner EC1-X Digital Luxmeter has the same features as the EC1 above but instead of being built-in, the detector is connected to the instrument by a 2 meter flexible lead.

Models TP200 & TP200-X

The Hagner TP200 & TP200-X Digital Photometers have the same features as the models EC1 & EC1-X above but with the addition that the reading can be switched between metric (lux) and imperial (footcandle) units. The measuring ranges are thus 0.1 - 200,000 lux and 0.01- 20,000 fc.

Model E4-X

The Hagner E4-X Digital Luxmeter is a precision instrument for measuring illuminace over a range of 0.01 - 200,000 lux, in the field as well as in the laboratory. The full range of Hagner Special Detectors and the Light Intensity Adaptor SA-1 can be used with the E4-X. External instruments can be connected to its output.

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