Model ELV-841-L

The Hagner ELV-841-L Luminance Sensor is designed for continuous, stationary indoor measurement of luminance. It consists of a Vλ-filtered detector and an amplifier with regulated current output (4-20 mA), built in to a plastic case. Measuring range is specified with order (e.g. 0 - 250 cd/m²).


Tecnhical data

Detector  Silicon photodiode, Vλ-filtered detector
(in standard version)
Measurement range Specified with order (e.g. 0 - 250 cd/m²)
Output signal 4 - 20 mA DC
Max. external resistance 800 ohm
Accuracy Better than +/- 3%
Power supply 24 volt AC (min. 12 VA)
Temperature range +10°C - +35 °C
IP  65
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 90 mm
(incl. dome but excl. mounting brackets and cable entrance)
Weight 0.5 kg
Connection 3 meters long wire with terminal block at the end (longer cables on request)


ELV-841-L Connection instructions

4 Way terminal block

1 minus

2 output signal 4-20 mA

3 power supply 24 VAC

4 power supply 24 VAC

Please note: Never connect any of the output wires with the power supply