Model ERP-105

The Hagner Photometer ERP-105
(Evacuation Route Photometer)

General Description

The Hagner ERP-105 Digital Photometer is a precision instrument designed to measure the luminance of photoluminescent signs and materials over a range of
0.01-20,000 mcd/m², in the field as well as in the laboratory.

The light sensitive device is a robust silicon photo diode with long-term stability, which with the new patented amplification system is brought to very high sensitivity. The detector is carefully filtered to produce the same spectral response characteristic as that of the human eye, as defined in

This remote sensor is supplied with 2 metres of flexible cable. Extension cables can also be used for measurements at any desired distance from the detector.

The instrument has built-in temperature compensation.
A "hold" function enables the display value to be retained.
A DC-input is provided for battery eliminator, and an analogue output for external instruments such as loggers, computers and recorders.


Measurement range

0.01-19,900 mcd/m²

Accuracy Better then ±3% (±1 in the last digit on the display)

Temperature range

-5° - +55°C
Power 1 pc 9V type PP3 or battery eliminator

Calibration temperature


Output 0 to 200mV in steps of 100µV per displayed unit. Load impedance min 1,000 ohm

Instrument: 150 x 85 x 50 mm

Detector:       Height             Ø at front
SD17;            60 mm             outer = 65 mm
                                                inner = 45 mm
SD27:            55 mm             outer = 29 mm
                                                inner = 27 mm

Weight 0.65 / 0.45 kg (1.65 / 1.45 kg incl.
carrying case & standard accessories)
Extra accessories Magnetic holder for detector. Detector cover for reducing measurement area.

Spectral Sensitivity

The spectral sensitivity of the Hagner ERP-105 Digital Photometer closely relates to the visibility curve of the CIE standard observer.

Outputs and controls

a. Plug for battery eliminator.
b.Ouput for external instruments.
c. Detector input.
d. Range Switch
e. Hold button.
f. Offset potentiometer
g. Slot for removing lower end plate.
h. Battery compartment.